High works.

Need high works completed? Not sure how it can be done? Worried you will have awful looking poles and planks around your house due to scaffolding?

This is me, Redecsmk do a lot of jobs that need an articulated boom and I must say they are not for the faint hearted but some of the views you do get to see are breath taking.

These are a god send when it comes to completing renovations on chimneys, loft windows, and multi storey buildings etc.

Even to be able to jetwash huge buildings they are great.

They are very cost effective to what it would cost for scaffolding and do not have to be blocking your views out outside for days at a time.

The beauty of them is as long as they’re is hard/flat ground and the boom can get out you can get to the most awkward of places around buildings.

With the right licence’s and security measures you can even have this in the busiest of places as I make sure it is all barriered off correctly for the safety of us and the public and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

If anyone would like information on what you may need one for or you have general queries please message.

Do you have jobs that need doing but always worried about how you can get them done because of where they are?

Always up for a challenge….. ­čśâ

Furniture recycle

Really do enjoy finding old pieces of interesting furniture to recycle, these pieces were saved from the dump, people throw away such lovely wood that would cost an earth to buy new now a days, English oak, beech even the gorgeous walnut timber. Anyway will post these few pieces for any interest.